The Pop Poppa Nap Cast Episode 51

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The 51st episode of The Pop Poppa Nap Cast not only features my midnight DJ voice, but also talk of a parental visit, fixing reusable diapers and doing chores like a maniac.

You’ll probably be able to tell, but I recorded this one on the kitchen table while Lu napped and got visited by the cat several times. My apologies for that and the ridiculous number of stutters and “likes” this episode.

If you missed my 10 Big Questions About The Toy Story Mythos, check it out now.

Regarding the episode of Totally Mommy I mentioned, it’s episode #8. You can follow this link to listen to the episode and then check out the comments. The topic actually came up when a listener asked about how they can bring up gun safety with their upcoming baby’s grandparents around the 56 minute mark. Laime commented by way of saying that parents have the rights to set up whatever kind of boundaries they want, no matter how “extreme.” She said, “Andy and I have talked about the idea of not letting our kids be around a man alone who’s not Andy ever whether it’s our father-in-law, family, whatever. It’s not to say we don’t trust and love the people around us, that’s a choice that we’re discussing and we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” She then reiterated that parents can and should set whatever boundaries they feel are best to keep their kids safe.

When I talked about this in the episode, I misremembered and thought Laime said that she and her husband were definitely following this rule of thumb, so my apologies for getting that part wrong.

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