Photo Diary: December 2017 Part 2


The Pop Poppa Nap Cast Episode 99

pop poppa nap cast logo

The crazy-delayed 99th episode of The Pop Poppa Nap Cast is finally here, even though it was recorded nearly a month ago! Just push play to hear about surviving a sick house, going “down the Shore,” one crazy night and my first official comic book pitch!

The comic shop I mentioned visiting is called October Country. It’s in New Paltz and it’s rad.

lavalletteThis is what Lavallette, NJ looks like. It was pretty great, I’d definitely go back.

mermin 004I mentioned looking up the Oni site for a review I wrote for a great comic called Mermin. Check that out here and my take on the next two books here.

I’m not sure when I’ll be back for the next episode, but I’ve got a few fun things planned to celebrate the hundredth episode! Stay tuned!

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The Pop Poppa Nap Cast Episode 98

pop poppa nap cast logoGood golly it’s been a long time since I did one of these! The 98th episode of The Pop Poppa Nap Cast features some stuff I recorded back in April and then follows it up with an update from this week! It’s not a complete update, but you’ll get the deets on both kids’ birthday parties, the swingset construction and more!

kite day

Guys, first off, Kite Day was more fun than I expected. Kites are rad, even cheapo ones from the drug store (just don’t get those crazy-long tails tangled up).

crawfishSpeaking of rad, crawfish parties are in that same category. I really miss hanging out with my friends, so these get-togethers are super important to me.

Both the Princess Power Barbie doll and DVD get the Pop Poppa Seal of Approval from this guy!

Charlie-and-Lola_0I talked about the Charlie & Lola cartoons back in PPNC #84, but here’s a look at the artwork I mentioned.

Charlie and Lola art sample

Birthdays! Cakes make kids even cuter. It’s a law of nature.

lu's partyHere‘s the list of tips I came up with for throwing a solid pre-schooler birthday party. It’s pretty much the best thing you’ll read all day.

organized garage

And finally, behold the glory of a more organized garage!

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The Pop Poppa Nap Cast Episode 97

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The Pop Poppa Nap Cast Episode 97 reflects back on a year of Jack, his many developments in recent weeks and our struggles to get our daughter to sleep in her own bed.

If you want to listen to the episode I recorded after Jack was born a year ago, you can find it here. I also chronicled the events in the Photo Diaries from that month.

sign for moreHere’s me doing the sign for “more.”

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Photo Diary: February 2015 Part 1

Hi Gang, I’m trying something new because I am SO behind in posting Photo Diaries. Instead of doing several per day until I get caught up, here are the first 14 days of the February 2015 — including February 1st, which was already published. Just click on an image, it’ll embiggen and you can actually scroll through from there!

The Pop Poppa Nap Cast Episode 92

pop poppa nap cast logoThe Pop Poppa Nap Cast Episode 92 covers the great time I had at Toy Fair followed by the far less first half of the week where I tried to write about it.

Kid O is awesome, do yourself a favor and check out their stuff.

Here’s the poo mug I mentioned. I still haven’t been able to figure out which booth it was at.

holy crap mugIf you’re unfamiliar, this is what LEGO Friends sets look like. The characters are a bit more doll like and the colors more in the pastel spectrum. The woman I talked to told me they spent four years researching the kinds of LEGO sets girls would want to play with and these were the results.

lego friends heartlake stables

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The Pop Poppa Nap Cast Episode 91

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The Pop Poppa Nap Cast Episode 91 covers a gnarly stomach bug, all this snow and video game fun times with the eldest child.

If you’re curious about why The Protector 2 was so disappointing, read this.

Here’s Patton Oswalt’s routine from Werewolves & Lollipops on birthdays that I mentioned. It’s probably NSFW.

To see my reviews of those Batman and Superman comics I mentioned, check out the ones on UnitedMonkee and PopPoppa.

Here’s the video I mentioned of my doing Alphabet Sounds when Lu was a baby. I wrote about doing this with Lu back in 2011.

If the Retron 3 sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out the following link on Amazon: Hyperkin Retron 3 Video Game System for NES/SNES/GENESIS – Gray

duck hunt dog

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The Pop Poppa Nap Cast Episode 87

pop poppa nap cast logo The Pop Poppa Nap Cast Episode 87 goes back to cover New Year’s and my wife’s birthday, plus my attempts to get on an hourly schedule and the various ways they were thwarted this week.

Check out the Babes In Toyland post I wrote here.

scheduleHere’s a look at the schedule and check-list on the wipe board in my office.

WebMD has a solid post on Fifth Disease.

littlest pet shopLittlest Pet Shop Season 1 gets a big thumbs up from me!

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Who Decided That Bead Mazes In Doctors’ Offices Were A Good Idea?

doctor office bead maze 2

The giant bead maze at our doctors’ office.

Last night our daughter started getting a some red bumps on her face. They started on one cheek and traveled around her forward and down the other side. She didn’t seem to mind, but when they were still there this morning, I called the doctor and set her up with an appointment. But, this post isn’t about the actual problem — which the doctor thinks is the not-as-serious-as-it-sounds Fifth Disease and an ear infection — but instead the insanity that is a pediatricians’ waiting rooms.

Our doctors have always been great. Aside from one doc who left the practice shortly after we signed on, we have always had excellent care. Sure, they tend to run late, but what doctor’s office doesn’t? However, I do have one big complaint: the giant bead maze table in the middle of the waiting room.

doctor office bead maze 1

She literally can’t stop herself from playing with this thing!

Now, look, I love bead mazes (even though it took me about 20 minutes to figure out what they’re actually called). I was a big fan as a child and still like sitting with my kids as they play with the smaller version we have in the playroom. But it’s inconceivable to me that doctors’ offices still have these things in their waiting rooms. Who knows better than medical professionals how easily germs can spread amongst people in an enclosed space like a waiting room? You then throw in the fact that you’re dealing with little kids who love playing and these things — which are like toddler and pre-schooler catnip — and it seems nearly impossible to keep the spread of germs to a minimum when an enormous bead maze is just sitting there, begging for tiny hands to push dozens of colored blocks wherever they can.

Worse yet? This one has beads going around the legs. You know what that translates into? Kids crawling on their hands and knees all over the floor of the waiting room! I don’t consider myself a germaphobe, but I am extra cautious when I’m in a place like that that’s just packed with potential sickness. Needless to say, I Purelled the heck out of both of us as soon as we got into the actual exam room.

I hate when people complain about things without offering a possible solution. Unfortunately, I’m not sure I can come up with one for pediatricians’ waiting rooms. On the plus side, these toys help calm the kiddos down before they see the doctors, but on the negative there’s the whole GERMS ARE EVERYWHERE thing.

What do you guys think? Am I being crazy about this or do you share my distrust of waiting room toys? Let me know in the comments!

The Pop Poppa Nap Cast Episode 86

pop poppa nap cast logo

The Pop Poppa Nap Cast Episode 86 covers Christmas, sickness, sleep and Sh-Ra with a surprise appearance by Lucy!


For more information on Watts Christmas Wonderland, check out their site. Above you can see a shaky shot of the light-filled neighborhood we discovered and the solid Santa at the Newburgh Mall.

snow glow elsa

My First Disney Princess Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Singing Doll was a big hit with Lu. She also got Frozen stickers, jammies, jelly beans, slippers and more.

Above you can see She-Ra – Princess of Power – Season One, Vol. 1 as well as Lu brandishing her paper roll She-Ra sword!

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The Pop Poppa Nap Cast Episode 85

pop poppa nap cast logo

Apologies once again for the late episode, but the 85th episode of The Pop Poppa Nap Cast covers pre-Christmas preparations, our continued sleep issues and Lu’s adventures with my Star Wars toys.

My original Itzbeen post can be found here.

2 Alices really is the best, they just opened up a second location in Newburgh. Check it out if you’re in the Orange County area!

Here’s a few Star Wars toy photos. First, you’ve got Lu going through the box, then Mighty Mugg Mace Windu. The red-armored Luke figure I mentioned is officially called Luke Skywalker in Imperial Guard Disguise according to

Lu and Jack both got in on the Christmas tree-decorating action.

tj and brett love christmas

If you want to hear more about Eggbert, check out the Christmas podcast I did with my pal Brett a few weeks back.

sassy spill and fill

The Pop Poppa Seal of Approval made a killer comeback thanks to the Sassy Spill & Fill which you can buy on Amazon here.

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The Pop Poppa Nap Cast Episode 84

pop poppa nap cast logoThe Pop Poppa Nap Cast Episode 84 delves into some of the larger issues that are close to being in the rear view, Christmas entertainment and my attempts to calm the heck down.

I thought I’d talked about the Mickey Christmas specials I mentioned on Netflix, but apparently I haven’t. They are Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas and Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse, or as my daughter calls them Mickey Christmas Red and Mickey Christmas Blue. charlie and lola vol 2

Charlie and Lola, Vol. 2 and I can’t seem to find the exact Hello Kitty DVD after minimal searching.

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