Pop Poppa Product Review: BosoBuddies

I’ve talked about our travel system before and it’s still doing well by us, though Lucy’s getting bigger and we have to switch out car seats soon. However, before moving on to our next car seats, I wanted to bestow the virtues of a little product called BosoBuddies that you can buy on etsy. If you’re like me, you go out with your kid a lot alone and it can be a pain in the butt keeping the car seat straps out from under them when you’re situating them. I tried sliding the metal clip part under a plastic thing on the side of the seat, but that only worked about a quarter of the time on one–never both–straps.

Enter the BosoBuddies. It’s a simple design, but it has made all of our car trips that much easier just by it’s very existence. See, the button part you see in the above picture is attached to a stretchy cord that you loop through to attach onto your car seat handle. The other other end of the cord has the ribbon as well as it’s own loop. So, what you do, is, when you undo the car seat, you wrap the ribbon end around the strap and put the loop over the button so it stays. Simple as that. Pull the tab and you’re undone and ready to pop the kid back in the seat. It sounds a little complicated and when my wife first explained it to me, I told her not to bother, but after weeks of frustration with the straps, I asked her to pick some up the next time they appeared on one of her deal sites (a post about those is coming soon). If you’re wonder, we have the Orange Flower w/ MultiColor Stripe Ribbon version.

Much like the Itzbeen, I assumed I wouldn’t need something that performs such a simple task, but was proven wrong by the day to day experience of watching and raising a child. However, you can learn from my initial lack of interest, pick up your own set of BosoBuddies and avoid all kinds of frustration! I would even recommend paying the full $15 if they don’t show up on deal sites, they’re worth that and more.



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