Cooking Rigatoni With Beef & Green Olives

A few months back I started getting a mysterious subscription to Good Housekeeping. I asked my mom if she knew anything about it and she said no, so the best I can guess is that my information got crossed when I meant to re-subscribe to Wired through my wife’s cousin’s magazine drive for school. My wife said I should call and get it fixed, but I don’t really care. I would have spent the money to help the kid out anyway and now I can flip through GH to see if there’s any interesting recipes, which has already paid off. A recent issue had a series of quick meals you can make from things found in your pantry and Rigatoni With Beef & Green Olives stood out to me because I am a fan of all those things and had most of them in my pantry (how did they know?!).

So, the gist of the recipe is to chop up a jar of olives, a small jar of roasted red peppers, an onion and three cloves of garlic and use that at various stages to make a tasty beef pasta. As always, I got the chopping out of the way first and also got my pot of water on the stove to boil. From there it was game time. The meat went into a skillet with olive oil and cooked until brown. Then I removed that and threw in first the onions, then the garlic and finally the olives and peppers along with some dried parsley and oregano (I didn’t have fresh and didn’t feel like buying a whole bunch just for this one supposedly simple recipe). Once that cooked for a few minutes and the pasta was done and drained with some pasta water reserved and added to the combination, dinner was ready to be served. I picked up a loaf of bread and we had a petty tasty dinner. I like quick and easy recipes like this that you don’t have to think too much about but that are also pretty diverse. I think I might try some different herb and spice combinations to make it even tastier. You could also even use different ground meats and see how things go.



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