Bonus Food Pic: Baked Meat Ravioli From Gloria/Napoli’s

Napoli’s Restaurant & Gloria’s Grill
306 Windsor Highway
New Windsor, NY 12553-6908
(845) 565-1711

My wife and I go to Napoli’s/Gloria’s on a pretty regular basis. It’s right around the corner from us and the food is always great, plus the owners tend to be around and have always been really nice to us, as is everyone else who works there. This actually used to be two separate restaurants right down the street from one another, but a year or two back they combined which is great because you can get pretty much whatever you want, from a full menu of classic Italian dishes to your basic, tasty diner food. They’ve also got a pretty killer breakfast. Anyway, a few weeks back, the fam headed over to the restaurant for dinner and I decided to try the baked meat ravioli, something I’d never had before. Boy, was it good. I don’t remember a whole lot about the meal, but I know it was a cold day and this warm, hearty meal that made me feel very good with all it’s cheesy, meaty goodness.


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