Baby’s First, Second & Third Chirstmases

I know Christmas was a few weeks back by now, but I figured even late pictures of a cute kid opening presents wouldn’t bother too many people (if you find yourself bothered, please leave). For those of you still around, I hope you had a Merry Christmas, New Years and any other holidays you might celebrate. We had a pretty good time with not one, but three different Christmases this year.Our first Christmas involved just my wife, daughter and I getting up Christmas morning and opening presents at our place. My wife came up with the idea and I was completely into it because that’s how my parents and I usually did it when I was younger. Sometimes family members would join us, but we always had Christmas morning at our house. Anyway, we put Lucy down in front of the tree which, among other presents, included a giant stuffed giraffe that she immediately went for, grabbing it and practically pulling it all the way out from under the the tree. While she played with some of her new toys, Em and I also exchanged gifts and we had a wonderful time. We took things pretty easy that morning since we didn’t have to be anywhere until that evening, so we had some really awesome French toast for breakfast that she made.By 1PM we were on the road to Massachusetts for a party with Em’s family at her uncle, aunt and cousin’s house. It was a really nice party and fun to see everyone. Nearly everyone had met Lucy when we stayed near the ocean over the summer, but she’s changed so much that it was a good chance for them to see how she’s grown. That night we went up to Em’s parents’ house in New Hampshire and, after Lu went down for the night, we opened our presents. The next morning it was all about Lu who really started to get the hang of opening presents, though she was still very careful and delicate with the process.After spending a few more days at Em’s parents house we came home and had a couple days to ourselves before my folks came and we celebrated our third Christmas on New Year’s Eve. Again, Lu had a great time and the grandparents always enjoy seeing her. Having a kid really does change your perspective on the holidays. I’ve moved away from the GIMME obsession that most kids have when it comes to Christmas and really do enjoy giving gifts (and I had some pretty great ones to give that I was really excited about), but it all takes on a new meaning and feeling watching those tiny hands ripping the paper and flashing that huge smile. Of course, that old thing about babies appreciating the paper and boxes more than the presents is pretty dead on. We actually had to take the tissue paper away from her because the green dye actually turned her hands and mouth colors. At least she looked festive!


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