A Man Of The Cloth, Wipes That Is

You’ve read my epic, three part “A Man Of The Cloth, Diapers That Is” series (if not you can catch up here, here and here), so now it’s time to talk about diaper wipes. Exciting, I know. Much like our decision to go with cloth diapers, using reusable cloth wipes was based on cost, chemicals and waste production. The cost was pretty low considering my wife and my mom made the wipes using a similar pattern to the one I found on Cloth Diapers Made Easy. They’re basically to pieces of 8-inch flannel sewn together. As far as chemicals, they’re minimal in this case because we make up our own wipe solution. And, since we’re using reusables, there’s no landfill. Again, the water usage to clean them counts against the green-ness I guess, but them’s the breaks.Also like the diapers, we’re not morally opposed to using disposables. When we go on trips, it’s far easier to take a packet of moist wipes to take care of diapers. When we were on vacation last week, that’s what we did. It wouldn’t have made any more laundry than normal because we wash the wipes with the diapers, but it would have meant bringing the diaper warmer, the stuff to make the solution and putting all that together when we’re trying to relax and have fun.

Speaking of the warmer, we went with Prince Lionheart’s Wipes Warmer 9002. It’s your basic wipes warmer that’s meant for regular wipes, but we use it for our reusables. There’s a pad in the bottom of the warmer that we wet and ring out. Then we fold the cloth wipes in half and, like making a lasagna, spray some of the solution on top. Repeat until you’re full, squeeze a little extra around the sides, close the lid and you’re good to go. You can’t pull the wipes out the top like you would a disposable, but other than that, it’s business as usual.

As you can see in the picture of the wipes on the changing table, we also have a package of cloth wipes that we either bought or someone gave us, can’t remember. If you look closely at the pic, you can see that the home made ones are holding up a lot better than the store bought ones and are also smaller by far. If you’re going cloth just to be green and to avoid chemicals, it’s pretty much a draw between making your own and buying cloth, but from the looks of it, the pre-made ones will wind up wearing out a lot sooner and therefore cost you more in the long run.

After a laundry, you can get about three days out of a fresh set of wipes as well as a bottle of solution. We fill an old Nalgene with 24 ounces of water and then three tablespoons each of olive oil and baby soap. Give that a good shake and then we transfer as much as will fit into a smaller squeeze container that we keep right next to the warmer on our changing table. As you can probably imagine, using cloth wipes is a bit more work overall than using disposables, but we think it’s worth it to keep a few more chemicals away from our baby’s butt, help out the environment in a small way and especially save a little cash.


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