A Man Of The Cloth, Diapers That Is Part 2: The Early Days

After deciding to use cloth diapers, the next step was to actually choose which ones to buy. When it came to newborn diapers my wife decided on OsoCozy’s unbleached prefolds that go inside Proraps Classics and Bummis Super Whisper Wrap diaper covers. The idea is that the prefolds get folded or rolled-up and put around the baby then the covers go around that to help prevent leaks and wind up looking like normal diapers. After the kid goes to the bathroom, you drop the insert into your diaper pail and put the cover aside (unless it got dirty too, then that goes in the pail as well). We had four or five covers that we rotated out.

But, before that, we used disposables. I don’t remember the exact time frame, but I think we only used one package of newborn diapers. We did this because, as parents know and nonparents will be appalled to discover, newborn baby poop can be incredibly sticky, stain-y and comes in a variety of colors and consistencies. I don’t want to get into super detail because I myself can be quite squeamish and don’t want to gross anyone out. Basically, we didn’t want that early poop–called meconium if you’re curious, I warn you though, that will result in some funky search results–to stain the reusable diapers right out of the gate. Once the packet ran out we moved on to the cloth.We started off just folding the inserts and putting them in the diaper covers, but that wasn’t giving us enough coverage so we rolled from both sides towards the center, left the front section like that and then unfolded the back to make a kind of “Y.” For a while we just folded the inserts and used the cover to keep things in place, but eventually got these little guys called Snappi which used cloth claws and elastic to keep things in place.All in all these diapers served us well, but were only meant to be used while Lucy was small, the next batch are meant to be used until the kid is potty trained. We used the prefolds while on a long, 10 hour, car trip out to Michigan and that worked out pretty well. It took me a little while to wrap my head around these diapers but once I saw them in person and actually put one on Lucy, it wound up being pretty simple. So, if you’re worried that cloth diapers are too complicated or are thinking about the old day of pins and whatnot, those are pretty much non-issues. The next round of diapers is actually even easier to use, but I’ll get to that soon.


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