A Man Of The Cloth Part 3: The Modern Age

I’ve already gone over how and why we decided to use reusable diapers and also the newborn versions we used for a few months, so now it’s time to talk about the ones we’re using right now. I honestly don’t remember all the options my wife gave me when deciding which diapers to go with, but we basically have two different kinds: Bum Genius and Flips. The Bum Genius diapers come in two parts. There’s an outside part which looks like a regular diaper as well as an insert the slides inside. Both the diapers and the inserts are adjustable in size thanks to a series of snaps. Basically, they grow with your kid, which means you theoretically won’t have to buy more until they’re potty trained. We’ve got two different kinds of Bum Genius diapers: ones that close with velcro and ones that close with snaps. Personally, I prefer the velcro because they’re more adjustable and you don’t have to count how many buttons you’re going for. This might not seem like much of a task, but that just means you either haven’t changed a squirmy baby or haven’t done so in a while. The downside to the velcro ones, though, is that you have to make sure to afix the tab to an inside tab when you throw the used diaper in the bin, otherwise they’ll all get stuck together in the laundry.The idea behind the Flips is that you buy a few covers and then a bunch of inserts and rotate the covers. Unlike the Bum Genius diapers, the inserts don’t get tucked inside the cloth diaper, but sit against the baby’s skin. These are also adjustable with varying snaps on the cover and fold lines on the liners. Flips work pretty good as long as you don’t have a poo-splosion. We’ve got four covers which I rotate through and even have a pretty solid system for going through, but if they have a big poop, that’ll definitely take out one of the covers, leaving you a man down. The plus side for these, though, is that the laundry process isn’t as much of hassle. Which brings me to the topic of laundry. If you use cloth diapers you will be doing it all the damn time. We do a diaper wash every other day, almost without fail. My wife usually gets the wash started by doing a spin cycle to get any solids off and give everything a good soaking. After that one of us–usually her–puts the detergent in and sets the washer to Whitest Whites. It’s a special brand called Ecos that doens’t have any chemicals and is supposed to be good for their skin. After that, we have to separate the inserts from the covers. The inserts go in the dryer while the covers get hung around our house to dry. We don’t have a yard, so we wind up using the shower curtain in our bathroom and the railing leading down to our front door. I’ll be honest, I hate separating and hanging diapers. I don’t know what it is, it just bugs me. I think because it’s not simple. I’m always worried that I’ll accidentally put a cover in the dryer or wind up with an insert I’ll have to go back and throw in the dryer. Really, I’m just lazy. Anyway, the basic idea is that cloth diapers wind up being a lot of work because even after everything’s dry, you’ve still got to stuff the inserts back into the Bum Genius covers. It’s making me tired just thinking about it, but on the plus side, you’re not dousing your kid in chemicals and it creates less landfill than disposables. If you’ve got the resources and the time, I do recommend it. I think it probably winds up being better in the long run AND they say that kids who use reusable diapers potty train earlier because they can feel and don’t like being in their own waste. I’m in full favor of that as it will mean less diaper laundry. Logic!


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