I Can’t Get Bayou Billy’s Soda Pop Out Of My Head

A few weekends back, my wife, daughter and I headed to the nearby town of New Paltz to check out a craft fair. It wasn’t all knitted cozies and whatnot, but actually some really impressive artisan craftwork. Anyway, there’s also an indoor food section and outside, next to the local vineyard winetasting tents there was an old school looking Bayou Billy soda cart with barrels of old timey pop (that’s what we call it where I’m from, though I’ve adapted to the eastern practice of “soda”). My wife and I weren’t sure about it because it was something like $7 per metal mug, but then $1 refills for the rest of your life (or theirs, I guess). We decided to start off with ginger beer which is a favorite of my wife’s and then tried sarsparilla (the actual correct spelling) which was kind of a cross between cream soda, ginger beer and root beer, an amazing experience that I want to have all the time.

Turns out after checking out the Bayou Billy website that it’s actually a franchise you can buy into and sell your own soda from a cart. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the event I went to on their events page and you also apparently can’t buy the soda online. So, I’m bummed out. It’s like this time I had an amazing sandwich in Columbus, but don’t remember where I got it or what the name of the place was and now I know I’ll never eat it again. But, there’s hope, I’ll have to search around, I bet I can find those guys. I hope…



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