A Cool Lake Tradition

We spent last week hanging out with my parents at their cottage on Devil’s Lake in Michigan. We’ve been going up to the lake as long as I can remember and my folks have had a place for over 20 years now, I think. The current one they’re in they actually designed and built themselves after years of living in a place with uneven floors and the tiniest appliances I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, part of the design is this column in the middle of the open floor plan near the kitchen. When we took Lucy there for the first time last summer, they thought it would be fun to mark her height on the column. Back then, we had to hold her up to get the right marking, but this year she was able to do it all herself. If I remember correctly she’s like twice as tall as she was last  year, which is pretty awesome. The great thing about the column is that, the way my folks designed it, they can actually take the panel with her markings with them if they ever decide to sell. That’s pretty darn smart if you ask me.



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