She’s Walkin’, Yesiree

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. There have been some things going on around the house that have made blogging a bit difficult and, I’ll be honest, compared to all my blogs, this one is always the hardest one for me to come up with posts for. Maybe it’s because I’m so close and emotionally invested in the raising of my daughter or maybe it’s because I cover some of this stuff in shorter formats over on my photo diary site and Twitter. My pop culture intake has also been limited, but these are all just excuses.

Anyway, the biggest news around our house is that our daughter — who turned 13 months last weekend — is walking around the house like a maniac. For a while it seemed like she wasn’t going to shift to walking because she was just such a fast crawler. The kid could make it around our small condo with ease or stand and walk holding onto things. My idea was to hang a remote control — one of her favorite things in the world — from the ceiling in the middle of the room, but couldn’t figure out a quick release system so she wouldn’t pull down the ceiling fan.

Anyway, within the last few weeks, she’s really started walking. She would take the occasional free steps between my wife and I or her parents when they visited. Then, she stopped for a while and then one day, bam, she’s standing up and walking around on her own. The first day she really started, she actually startled me because she had been behind me in the living room and just appeared in the middle of the room while I was writing an email, shambling like a tiny zombie.

Since then she’s gone from mostly crawling with a little walking thrown into to primarily walking. I actually just realized a few days ago that she’s barely crawling anymore. It’s been an amazing transition to see, one — like most — I wish I had paid even more attention to. Now she’s even walking alongside us in stores and at restaurants. The bad part is that she doesn’t want to sit when we’re out anymore, which doesn’t really work when we’re out to eat.


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