Making Hummus

When getting everything together for my daughter’s first birthday party, I asked my wife and inlaws to pick up a few things for me when they ran out so I could put together a pasta salad (forgot to take pictures, but it turned out pretty good, I’m sure I’ll make it again this summer). I didn’t realize they were going to BJ’s and instead of the few cans of things I’d be needing, I’d get six of each. That’s alright, though, I can always used these things. In fact, having a few extra cans of chick peas inspired me to whip up some hummus. So, I went over to Food Network’s website and wound up settling on Dave Lieberman’s Hummus Dip recipe because it looked simple and I had everything in the house already.

And it was really simple. You basically drain and rinse the chick peas and throw them in a blender with the listed ingredients. I should say that I didn’t have everything listed because I was lacking lemons, so I decided to throw in a few limes to make up for it. This actually took away some citrus I needed for another recipe last week, but I’ll get to that one soon. Once it was good and blended, I put it in a jar and then into the fridge, bingo bango.

Anyway, I think using the lime might have goofed up some of the flavor, but overall, I thought it still turned out pretty hummus-y. I love how simple this was to put together and will use it to eat with some of the baby carrots they also picked up on their shopping excursion. Great for snacking.



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