Cooking Cheeseburgers & Corn

I was going to make meat loaf this week until I looked at the weather for the week and saw that it was going to be in the 70s almost every day. Not only did meat loaf not sound all that appealing anymore, but I love the idea of eating burgers and corn when the weather gets nice. It reminds me of weekends back home either at my parents’ house or the cottage we spent many s summer weekend. I think at this point it’s in my DNA.

I started experimenting with burgers last summer after my wife opened my eyes to the fact that you can put all kinds of stuff in the burgers, from different herbs and spices to chopped onion and garlic. This time around, I worked with a pound of 85% lean ground beef and included half of a cut onion I had in my refrigerator, some chopped up parsley and taragon, an egg and a few dashes each of dill wed, steak seasoning, Tastefully Simple Seasoned Salt and garlic powder. All that went into a bowl where I mixed it up by hand and then formed into four patties. I tend to wind up making very small burgers, but this time I made sure to go big. I then simply cooked them in a pair of flat cast iron skillets flipping a few times in about 10 or 12 minutes. Once they were done, I topped two with cheddar cheese and two with Muenster.

For the corn, I just shucked it and steamed it for about 15, maybe 20 minutes in the stock pot we have that has a steamer basket for just such things. I used to slather my corn cob with butter and salt, but another thing my wife turned me onto was just letting the corn flavors do their thing and that was another good call on her part.

To go with the burgers I put out ketchup, yellow mustard, brown mustard, honey mustard (we have way too many kinds of mustard), sweet pickles for my wife, pickle spears for myself and the mayo I made and posted about yesterday. I also chopped up some lettuce, tomatoes and onion to decorate the burgers and even toasted a few of the buns. Oh, we also finished things off with a cut up pineapple I picked up at the store this week.

I really liked this spread because I just kind of came up with it on my own and I thought the burgers, corn and mayo that I prepared all tasted really good on their own and together. It’s fun playing around and having success. More so, I’m just glad that they didn’t turn out terrible, I would have felt really bad about that.



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