Pop Poppa Product Review: BooginHead’s SplatMat

As our little Lu continues to get more interested in getting directly involved in the feeding process, the messier things can get. Her lunch tends to consist of black beans and then another frozen thing like pears or sweet potatoes. She likes the beans because she can pick them up and pop them in her mouth. She’s also getting more interested in using her own spoon, though she doesn’t always hit her mouth.

My wife saw the potential for food to start flying and purchased a SplatMat from BooginHead. This is essentially a 52-inch round piece of Phthalate and BPA-free plastic that you just lay down under the kid’s eating area to catch anything the little darlings drop. It’s easy to fold up and you just need to spray it down and let dry if you have a particularly messy meal.

My comic book loving brain wishes the thing was cool, like it automatically folds and unfolds itself with the touch of a button, but if that did exist, it’d probably be a lot more expensive than the SplatMat’s $20 price tag. I don’t know if my wife bought this from the site itself (follow the above link to buy directly from BooginHead) or from one of her baby deal sites, but I’d say it’s a smart purchase especially if you have carpeted floors in the eating area.


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