Building Boundaries

This might look like a random picture of a cluttered corner of our place, but it’s actually a well-designed defense structure. You can’t quite see it because one of her bibs is in the way, but up against that wall in the background of the photo sits our cat’s food and water. Ever since she could crawl, this area has been of the utmost fascination to our daughter. I used to be able to hear her clomping her way over there and have enough time to put a stop to it, but now she’s got a quickness that puts her knuckle deep in cat food in a few seconds.

So, we devised a blockade. To the left you can see the stool to a chair from the living room, in the middle is a step stool we used to keep in the kitchen and then a pair of chairs staggered to theoretically block her passage. Now, I know I said last week that I’m impressed by the kid’s determination, but even she will find something else that interests her if faced with enough literal roadblocks.

Most of the time that is. Every now and then we’ll shift one of the chairs to feed her or I’ll need the foot stool for something and not put it back in just the right place. A few minutes later, I hear that familiar rustling of tiny hands through dry food. Thankfully, she seems more interested in playing with the food than eating it, so we’ve at least got that going for us…for now.


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