Drawing Inspiration From A Ten Month Old

I spend a lot of time watching Lucy and a lot of that time is spent in our living room. Like most living rooms, we have a coffee table–higher than most and fairly large, but stable–right in front of the couch. This is where I do most of my work during the day and really spend most of my day when not crawling around on the floor with her. This table has been one of Lu’s main cruising locales ever sense she could pull herself up.

She now zips around the table with relative ease, but every now and then she comes across a discarded blanket or sweatshirt that gets in her way. What really impresses me about this kid is how resilient she is. Some kids would hit these roadblocks and go play with another toy or just sit and cry. But Lu’s no quitter. She’ll shove, crawl and force her way to whatever she’s trying to get it no matter what. Sure, she gets frustrated and cries sometimes, but only after trying really hard to surpass her obstacle.

It’s pretty inspiring, actually. It’s like she doens’t know or understand the concept of “can’t.” To her mind, she can do anything, she just needs to figure out the best way to do it. I hope to become more like that as I continue to grow up, at the same time, I hope it’s the kind of thing she doesn’t grow out of. Stay strongheaded, Lu, just don’t remind me of this post when you’re 16 and trying to convince me to borrow the car.



  1. One more thing – – – – do you think you could remove that Jack Daniels bottle from the shelf – it is in many, many pictures. I would be more concerned she would remind you about your bottle when she gets to be 16 and asks for the car.


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