Cooking The Neelys’ Mama’s Lasagna

Yesterday, I wrote about making Cauliflower With Tomatoes. I figured that would make a fitting pair with lasagna, even though you don’t really need a veggie side with all the tomatoes. Anyway, I’ve made lasagna before and not just the Pumpkin one from last fall. I’ve made the basic Betty Crocker one and a few others, but I think I found a real winner when I came across The Neelys’ Mama’s Lasagna on I think this is the first of their recipes I’ve ever made, but I will definitely be giving them another look on the site.

The only thing I changed from their recipe is that I used meatloaf/meatball mix from my grocery instead of ground turkey or beef, but I followed everything else to a T. I like to get things ready ahead of time not just because I like to be prepared, but it also makes space on my very limited counter space. So, I first got to work on the cottage cheese mixture. With that done and in the fridge, I got to making the meat sauce. Once I got that to a place where I had some free time, I started shredding the various cheeses and that was pretty much it until construction.

Oh, the only other thing I changed was, I didn’t use oil in the pan. I learned a trick from another recipe where you just rub meat sauce around on the pan and you’re good to go. I got that in the oven and waited until everything was done. And, as I mentioned above, I think this might be my new go-to lasagna recipe. My wife and I both really liked it. I think the cottage cheese really brought something great to the table. It also tasted great with the cauliflower and possibly even better when we reheated it for lunches throughout the rest of the week.



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