Pop Poppa Product Review: Balboa Baby Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover

Back before Lucy was born, I was cleaning up her room, opening some of the gifts we had received and trying to find places for them. The Balboa Baby Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover was one of the more confusing of the bunch. See, it’s kind of like a Popple in that the cover actually folds up into itself into a kind of oblong football. At the time, I got frustrated in about one minute and tossed the thing aside.But now, it’s a huge part of pretty much any trip my wife and/or I take with the baby. See, the idea is that you unfold the Popple and place it inside a shopping cart or high chair so that the baby not only has more support but also isn’t touching the same thing that hundreds of other kids have touched. Once Lu started sitting up pretty well on her own, we were able to start using it and it has been a wonderful addition to our trips to the grocery store and restaurants. I’ve got a variation on the Balboa that I keep in my car (the Balboa stays in my wife’s) and it’s good, but not nearly as simple or compact. The only problem? They’re pretty expensive at $45.83 on Amazon with the one I got from Target running about $20 0r so. Is the Balboa worth the extra $30? Hmm, probably not if it’s coming out of your own pocket. However, I highly recommend putting one on your baby registry and hope that someone with bucks hooks you up!


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