She Fights Naps Like The Devil

I can’t remember if I came up with that line or if someone else did, but it perfectly describes my daughter. She’s six months old now and as alert as ever which means she absolutely, positively does not want to go down for a nap, even if she’s rubbing her bleary eyes and rolling over like the winner of a chugging contest. I’ve tried as many ways of putting her to sleep as I can think of, but only a few work. When she was a little younger, she’d usually pass out on the bottle, so I could easily slip a pacifier in her mouth and then drop her off in her crib, but that doesn’t work anymore. After eating she seems more awake than ever, so I’ve had to change tactics.

When we lost power a couple weeks back, my wife and I put a blanket up over the big window in our room to keep the remaining heat we had in and the cold out. We’ve kept it up because our windows such and we need to replace them (which translates into me needing to call a few local contractors my dad tracked down). Since Lu sleeps with us at night now (it’s easier for my wife to feed her that way) I figured I’d try laying her down in the bed with all the sheets and pillows moved far away from her. It worked like a dream. I even got a 3 hour nap out of her one day. But that method is not without it’s difficulties. For one thing, we’re supposed to be getting her used to sleeping in her crib. For another, it cuts the bedroom off for use during naptime which did not jive so well with my habit of showering while she slept. Seeing as how the quiet was more important, I was stinkier than usual for a week or so there. Over the weekend, my wife and I purchased some much darker curtains to help darken the room. They do a pretty good job, but it can still be pretty bright in there thanks to the light blue walls. But, it’s been working alright so far this week. I will say, though, that it seems to take Lucy longer to fall asleep in that room, which means she cries longer, wanting to stay awake. It really is the hardest part of the day because, as a parent I do not want to hear my kid cry like that. I want to scoop her up and take care of her, but I also know that she needs to learn to take naps. It’s a tough lesson for both of us to learn, but I guess that’s a theme I need to get used to as a parent.


  1. Mines 18 months and I still hold him until he falls asleep. Its too hard to let him cry it out. Daddy would let him sleep with us all night. But I have him sleep in his crib, even though I love snuggling with him!!

    • Letting them cry is way difficult, but I’ve found that she just will not nap any other way. Co-sleeping has been interesting. I was really worried about it at first because I used to move around a lot in my sleep, but so far it hasn’t been a problem, except for the shrinking amount of open space between my wife, myself, the baby and the cat 🙂


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