Lucy’s First Tooth

Earlier this week, I noticed that Lucy seemed a little out of sorts (for more info on this, check out The Monkee Diaries). The idea of teething has always been in the back of our minds. In fact, about a month ago we were certain she’d be cutting her first tooth. My wife told me the signs tend to be general irritability as well as a change in PH in their urine which results in a rash. She had all those, but didn’t wind up popping a tooth out. Until today that is.

As it happened, on her five month birthday, we discovered Lucy had cut her first tooth. It’s on the lower right part of her mouth and it didn’t seem to bother her much today. Last night she woke up every hour or so, my wife said. We thought she might have been cold (she’s not used to the cold weather we’ve been getting), but now we’re thinking it might have had something to do with that.

I don’t have any pics because we can’t get her to open her mouth and move her tongue while also snapping a picture all at the same time. Besides, it’s not like it’s all the way out of her gums, it’s just peeking out from before the surface. Still, when my wife came out while I was checking out my ailing car carrying the baby, my brain first went to a negative place. Then she told me about the tooth and I was not only relieved, but pretty stoked. Now I just have to remember to cover my hand with something when I offer her a finger to gum!


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