Buying Food On The Internet

After getting back from vacation, I went to start my car and it shook something fierce. Not wanting to get stuck on the side of the road with the baby, I decided to try something new: ordering groceries on the internet. Usually I buy my groceries from Hannaford, the farm stand or the farmer’s maket, but between the questionable car and the baby, I figured my time to get groceries was limited and went with Shop Rite‘s online purchasing option. Basically, they have their entire stock online, you can search for anything from very specific kinds of cereal to generalities like “broccoli.” Everything I wanted was on there which was pretty great.

You can either go in and pick up your order or have it delivered. I went with the latter which wound up costing an extra $20 or so. That might seem like a lot and frankly it kind of is but I won’t be using this service every week or anything. I also figured that eating out all week would add up to $20 pretty quickly, so it seemed like a viable option this time around. They give you a two or three hour window for delivery and the guy who dropped them off was nice and everything was in good shape, so kudos there.

Overall, I have no complaints about either the web or delivery service. It’s a little pricey, but what do you expect for groceries delivered right to your door step. Now I just need to get my car fixed and hopefully have enough money in the bank to keep cooking…


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