Lucy’s Second Doctor’s Appointment

If you’re curious or interested, I wrote extensively about Lucy’s very first doctor’s appointment yesterday in anticipation of her second appointment later that day. The two appointments couldn’t have been more different as both the nurse and doctor we talked with this time were incredibly nice, helpful and good at explaining things.

One thing I forgot to mention about the first appointment was the nurse. Again, like the doctor, she was nice enough, but would not let us leave the office without taking some free formula. As I’ve mentioned here and there, my wife is breastfeeding, which we explained to her saying we wouldn’t need any formula. She said something like “Well, what if you did?” We stared blankly at her, realizing she wasn’t getting it and just said “Whatever you’ve got.” Our plan was to leave it and the bag of pharmaceutical advertising swag we were provided with in the exam room so they could give it to someone who might actually use it. We would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for that pesky nurse who couldn’t take a hint to save her life. Like I said, nice, but not exactly the kind of medical folks we were looking to work with.

Yesterday however, everything went swimmingly–interesting considering we were put in the Noah and the ark exam room. We went in thinking that Lucy would be getting three vaccines, two shots and one orally because that’s what we were told. This new nurse mentioned something about four shots and one oral vaccine, which we were clearly surprised by. She picked up on this right away and asked if we wanted to split them up, which we both agreed to and appreciated. We’re definitely not opposed to vaccines, but we’d like to spread them out in case Lucy as an adverse reaction. That way we will have automatically narrowed down the potential culprit. By that point we were already better informed and advised than in all of our previous appointment and we were only about five minutes in.

After not having such a great experience the first time around, I called the doc’s office to find out what the deal was. We really liked the first doctor we had interviewed with and assumed we’d be seeing her and didn’t want to deal with the one we had seen the first time around. I didn’t harp or pitch a fit, I just calmly asked what the policy was on who saw which patients. The administrator I talked to was really nice and accommodating and explained to me that they wanted us to be happy and comfortable and to just let them know who we wanted to see when we made our appointments. Since our second appointment was supposed to be with the nurse practitioner, I didn’t need to make a note of who we wanted to see.

But I think they might have noted it anyway because the original doc came in after the nurse left. Mind you, I didn’t say which doctor we had seen and weren’t happy with or even the one we originally met with, but I assume they’ve got all that on file. She came in and was just as great as we remembered. She did pretty much everything different including how she gave Lucy her shots, only one of which seemed to bother her. This doc was clearly a pro. Everything went well and we felt good knowing she would be Lucy’s doctor which makes me feel good because we’ve got three more appointments in the next month to get her caught up on her shots. As it turns out there’s one more she needs because we’re a visit behind because she wasn’t born in a hospital. It’s not a big deal, just something that needs to be factored in. All those shots would have been pretty rough if they were with a doctor we weren’t very comfortable with.

Even though Lucy took the shots pretty well–only crying out with the second one which had a lot of stuff in it by my estimation–she wound up having a pretty rough day after that. She seemed just generally unhappy and uncomfortable, crying a lot more than normal. It was really hard for my wife and I because there’s not much you can do but hold her, rock her and hope it passes, which is basically what happened.  By evening she felt better and so did we, not only because she wasn’t crying so much but also because we knew we had a good doctor in our corner.



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