Welcome To Pop Poppa!

Hello and welcome to Pop Poppa. Some of you might know me from my blog UnitedMonkee.com where I talk about pretty much everything from movies and music to video games and television while others might actually know me or stumbled upon this new blog on accident. However it happened, I’m glad you’re here.

I guess I should say a little about myself. My name is TJ Dietsch, I’m a lifelong fan of pop culture and have found various ways to turn that into a career. Before all that, I went to school at a small liberal arts college (I’m sure that’s a shocker) in Delaware, Ohio called Ohio Wesleyan University where I met and eventually proposed to my future wife and also studied English (honestly, that’s in order of importance). A summer-after-junior-year internship with a comic book magazine called Wizard lead into a full time position in the research department the fall after I graduated. The job got me out to New York from Toledo, Ohio where I was raised by my parents. I worked at Wizard for a few years, doing some writing on the side and eventually working my way up to Associate Editor of Wizard‘s sister magazine ToyFare. Eventually Wizard went to a more freelance-based model and I got laid off, but that wound up setting me up for my current gig as a freelance writer which means I get to live the dream of working from home.

Keeping the pop culture theme going–what else would you expect from a site called Pop Poppa?–I’ve been getting paid to write about comics, toys, movies, TV shows, music, video games and a few other things ever since. The stay-at-home nature of the job laid the groundwork for me to stay home with our daughter now that my wife is going back to work (my fears of which I related here). I don’t know if I have anything particularly earth-shattering to say about the act of being a stay at home father, but I do hope that some of my stories and anecdotes are universal enough to make you chuckle. I also hope to get some reviews of baby/kid-related products, shows and movies going as soon as I have to immerse myself in them (Lucy’s only two months old right now, so we’re not yet to Dora or Wiggles territory yet). I also hope that readers will comment about their own experiences with what I’ve written about, even if opinions differ.

For now, feel free to scroll down and read some posts I have either re-purposed (copied) from UnitedMonkee or written and stockpiled fresh for this blog’s launch. I’m hoping to post at the very least once a day and hopefully more often as time and Lucy permit.



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