Under Construction!

Hello loyal readers and newcomers alike! I wanted to let you know that the site might look a little different these days. I’ve decided to not only change the look of things, but also import all of the posts from my food blog Monkeying Around The Kitchen over to Pop Poppa.

I thought this would be a fairly simple process, but was surprised to discover the galleries I created over there didn’t quite transfer over correctly. I’m working on fixing those, but it will take some time because we’re talking about 400 posts. I also need to get in there and change all the links back to MATK. Like I said, it’s a big job.

Still, I’m hoping to get things together and also move forward with existing content like the Pop Poppa Nap Cast and the Photo Diaries. I also have plans to expand the content on this page which is why I decided to bring the food content over. All parents like food and could use a few ideas about recipes, right?

I appreciate your patience as I get everything together. If you happen to spot a missed photo or something along those lines, drop me a comment and I’ll fix it when I can. Thanks!



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