Fairtrade Kit Kats Are The BEST!

irish kit kat

A few weeks back my folks went to Ireland. When they came back they brought us some surprises, including a Kit Kat for my wife and I and a bottle of amazing Jameson’s Irish Whiskey for me. I don’t have the proper vocabulary to describe how good the booze is, but I can say that the Irish Kit Kat, which is actually made with Fairtrade cocoa, was SO much better than the ones you get in the states. I’m no Fairtrade warrior, but there’s no denying the difference in taste and quality here. The wrapper reports that there’s 66% milk chocolate in this bar while I have no idea what’s in the Stateside stuff. I do know that the US bars tend to have a chemically aftertaste that is completely absent when dealing with this better, richer, more flavorful chocolate.

On a side note, I went to Australia and New Zealand between seventh and eight grade and grabbed a few different foods that we had over here, but sported different labels. Kit Kat was one of those and I’m pretty sure that the label hasn’t changed since then (or at least not much). This was not only a tasty treat, but also a nice trip down memory lane.



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