Another Storm Weathered Successfully

No matter where you are in the world, you’ve probably heard of Sandy, the too-nicely-named storm that smashed good parts of New Jersey, New York and has moved inland and up-land. We thankfully didn’t have much to deal with here aside from preparation, wind and worrying that something was going to fly through the window sending shards of glass throughout the house at any moment. I couldn’t believe that we didn’t lose power, something that’s happened at least once a year since we moved in back in 2006, including around Halloween last year.

We actually got prepped pretty well ahead of time, finishing a few things up on Sunday, so most of Monday was just spent waiting around for Sandy to hit. The time table moved up and up and things started getting nasty, but as I said, we mostly just had to deal with wind here. Still, it’s nerve-wracking sitting in any room of the house when it’s night out and you can hear these intense wind gusts, but not see what’s going on.

Lu didn’t seem to notice anything different about the last few days aside from the fact that her mom was home two extra days which was nice. I’m really glad that most of the businesses around here had enough foresight to close down even though the worst of it didn’t wind up hitting until after business hours. You’ve got to do what you can to keep people safe and most of the places I heard about did just that.

I also give a lot of credit to the news stations covering the storm, especially NBC, our preferred window on the world. They did a great job covering the system and letting people know how dangerous it could be without going overboard. Plus, I’m always impressed by the newscasters who brave the storm to let you know what’s happening. I’m not quite sure why a guy had to be outside to tell us the airports were closed due to water on the runway, but I guess that’s what you get when you take that job.

In addition to watching the news, I also kept my eyes on twitter. Between friends, random follows, celebrities and retweets, I saw even more than I expected. That crane that flipped over itself and dangled all night? I saw that first on Penn Jillette’s twitter feed. The destruction of the Jersey Shore? Andrew Zimmern retweeted JWOWW. It’s such an interesting way to augment the reports sent out via the newscasts.

Lastly, I want to pass along my condolences to everyone who got hit much harder. The devastation this storm brought continues to find its way to my home by way of those same newscasters and more tweets. I’m honestly shocked at what happened in places like the Jersey Shore and Long Island and hope the best for the people dealing with that devastation. The scenes of water filled streets, parking garages and subway stations will stick with me for a while.


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