My First Weekend Away From Lu

Last weekend was the New York Comic Con. That’s one of the bigger comic book shows on the planet and since NYC is only a train ride away from me, I’ve been there in some capacity every year it’s been around. This year, like last, I covered the show for Comic Book Resources, my main source of freelance work. Those guys know how to do it up, so we mostly work out of a skybox overlooking the insane crowd when not in the labyrinth below covering panels. I’ve worked that show for a few different places and those guys do it the best, hands down.

Last year I took the train back and forth every day and actually worked Thursday through Sunday. It was a rough four days, especially with all that train riding. I basically got home, kissed Em and Lu goodnight (if I made it home before they went to bed), went to sleep and got back on the train. This year I asked around to see if I could crash on someone’s floor and struck out, so I figured I’d be in for much of the same. Then my benefactor Jonah Weiland, the head honcho over at CBR, came to my rescue and offered me the accidental extra bed in his room. I was psyched but also a little sad. This was the first time I spent more than a day away from Lu and I think it might have been my first weekend away from Em, now that I think about it.

And you know what? It wasn’t too bad. Of course, I missed the both of them, but I was also incredibly busy, hanging out with friends and doing as much sleeping as I could (in a bed all by myself, which was admittedly pretty awesome). The key, really, was keeping myself busy. Had I been just sitting around a hotel room the whole time or something along those lines, it would have been rough. Thankfully that wasn’t the case and, better yet, I got to spend time with a lot of friends I see only about once a year anymore.



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