Every Daddy & Daughter Should See Brave (If You Haven’t Already)

I have a weird relationship with Pixar movies. I know they’re good. I know how much time the animators, directors, writers and storyboard artists put in to making some of the best movies around. However, every single time one of them comes out and my wife gets all excited about them, I’m like, “Eh, okay, we’ll see it when we see it.” Then, when we see them, I’m blown away. Seriously, Toy Story 3 is amazing and Ratatouille changed how I thought about food.

And yet, when Brave came out earlier this year, I was not super enthused. Even after hearing great things, I figured we’d see it eventually. My wife kept an eye out for it and saw that it was playing along with Avengers at one of our local drive-ins, so we got all packed up and went out on a nice warm Labor Day weekend.

And, man, that is a fantastic movie, one that every daughter should see from here to eternity. On one hand, it’s just a great movie. The lead character Merida is a young, impetuous adventurer with no time for formalities and just wants to run around and shoot things with arrows. She makes mistakes with her family and her choices and winds up needing to fix both. The flick is filled with great emotional moments and also some incredibly dynamic action scenes that would not look out of place in a live action fantasy epic.

A lot has been said and written about how great Merida is as a character and that her goal in this film is not finding a prince to marry and I completely agree. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know there are some questionable messages in Disney movies, but I don’t think kids pick up on those things and there are definitely other good female role models in those features. But, this one just really wowed me for being both awesome and more socially responsible. Take note, Lu and I will definitely watch this movie in the coming years. It’s a new classic.


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