There’s No Sesame Street On Sesame Street

In the past few weeks, I realized that Sesame Street is on at 7:00AM in our area. Seeing as how I’m usually up at that point with the baby and football season hadn’t started yet, I’ve been putting that on for Lucy before switching over to another favorite of hers, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The show is filled with short cartoons, letters and numbers doing their song and dance routine and regular segments starring Abby Cadabby, Super Grover and Elmo, but you know what’s missing? The actual Sesame Street set.

Instead of bouncing back to that main drag of the street where humans and Muppets alike gathered to learn about life and relationships, the segments are introduced by a Muppet-on-the-street complete with microphone. It’s like VH1’s weekly video countdown but aimed at children….and more entertaining. The only time I’ve seen the actual street since we started watching was when they cut to a song about the number 1 that was clearly filmed in the 90s.

I did a little reading on Wikipedia about the show and saw that they did a pretty big overhaul about ten years ago to appeal to the younger viewers who were watching. I’m still not quite sure how this translates into ditching the part of the show that it’s actually named after, but different strokes I guess.

All that combined with the fact that my favorites — Oscar, Big Bird, Snuffleupagus, The Count, Burt and Ernie — have little-to-no screen time and it’s actually been a little bittersweet tuning into the show that shaped me as a kid. But, I understand that things must move on and evolve, especially kids programs that have been around since 1969. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good show, just not the one I remember. Of course, none of this matters to my daughter who doesn’t know any different. Still, I’d like to look into getting one of these Sesame Street: Old School volumes with classic episodes. Anyone have these? Worth a buy?


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