The Coffee Table Safe Zone

Remember those carefree days when you could actually keep a cup of coffee or glass of water within normal reaching distance? Or when you could leave a bill out so you’d remember to send the check the next day? Man, those were good times. Of course, I didn’t realize it at the time, but after Lu started pulling herself up and examining the coffee table, things changed.

Since then, I’ve had an increasingly shrinking are I’ve dubbed the safe zone. As Lu so kindly demonstrated in the above photo, it’s basically an inch or two away from the kid’s arm span. As she’s gotten bigger the safe zone has shrunk and the danger zone only increased. The only real safe place is indicated on our table by those four coasters and the computer’s locale. I used to use a lap desk, but it’s bulk crossed over into the danger zone and gave her an easy handle to pull the computer towards her and smash the keys.

As you can see, she’ll never stop trying. I just hope she doesn’t have a freak arm growth spurt. I’ll really be in trouble then.

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