Bonus Food Pics: Chicken & Rice

This is a little embarrassing, but I can not remember where I got the recipe for the dinner these pictures were taken of. All our cookbooks are kept on a short metal shelf right outside the kitchen. I usually use small sticky notes to mark pages for recipes I’m working on, but since our one year old has gotten even more curious, she has run ripshot through the books as well as the markers. If I come across it again, I’ll let you know. I think I remember enough to explain, though.

The rice that gets mixed in with the chicken portion of the dish later on is actually made with chicken broth instead of water and also includes some lemon zest and juice along with some grated ginger. I got that going first because it took the longest. I then got to work on the rest of the prep which included cutting chicken breasts into chunks and also chopping up the onion, green pepper and garlic. I also used our box grater to take care of the carrots, which went really smoothly.

The vegetables went into the pan with the vegetable oil and cooked for a bit. Then the coconut milk was added, followed soon after by the chicken which went for a while until everything was nice and cooked through. Lime juice also went in at some point along with some basil. The rice was originally set to act as a side dish, but since the chicken portion turned out to be wetter than expected and I didn’t want to wait much longer before eating, I added the rice in at my wife’s suggestion and it worked out quite well.

The flavors in this batch were a little weak. I should have added some curry powder or maybe more lime. It actually tasted better as a leftover after the flavors got to hang out and mingle together, so maybe this is the kind of dish that works better if you make it much further ahead of time.



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