Cooking Brats

When I think of summer, I think of eating cheeseburgers and bratwurst cooked on the grill by my dad. That’s a staple meal we would have growing up either at home or up at the cottage we spent many a weekend at. So, with the weather getting nice every now and then, I decided to do a quick meal of brats last week.

I decided to prepare them in a way that my wife taught me. You basically pour a few beers into a pot, add some butter and a chopped onion. Let them boil until their white and then grill them. That’s what I attempted to do, but apparently I do not have the same success with brats that I did with steak and they wound up a little pink on the inside. I think I just needed to go 15 minutes instead of 12 in the boiling beer and I would have been fine. I just ate mine, but my wife nuked hers and was good.

Aside from that, I warmed up the Tuscan Rice I made to go along with the aforementioned steak which made for a very horesradish-y side. I also set out a series of mustards (we have a bunch in our fridge) and ketchup. I forgot that you can add the onions from the beer and eat those as well until my wife reminded me.



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