Cooking Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes were a pretty consistent part of our family menu growing up if memory serves, but I don’t think I ever made them myself. The idea popped into my head and I used the All Recipes app to find this one called Sloppy Joes II. They weren’t exactly like Mom used to make, but the recipe was both simple and good (two of my favorite things), so I was happy with the results.

The recipe literally has two steps. The first is to brown ground beef in a pan with chopped onion and green peppers. Once that’s done you stir in garlic powder, mustard, ketchup and brown sugar and let that simmer for 30 minutes. Bingo bango, you’re done. I served them on buns I got from the bakery section of my local Hannaford and then warmed up the Balsamic-Glazed Pearl Onions & Green Beans from the previous meal. There’s something very comforting and fulfilling about making something so traditional and good that reminded me of home. That being said, I would be interested in trying some fun alternatives to this traditional presentation. Let me know if you’ve got any ideas or recipes!



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