Cooking Chicken Milano

A few weeks back, my lovely wife got me a Kindle Fire as a combined birthday and upcoming Father’s Day present. I’ve been having a great time with it, including downloading the All Recipes app and using that to figure last week’s menu. One such recipe was Chicken Milano and it was an interesting one.

You can check out the recipe yourself and see it’s not that difficult, but it gets a little trickier when you accidentally skip a few steps. The main goof I made was that I didn’t chop up the dried sun-dried tomatoes, I just put them in all at once. I think chopping them would have maybe taken a bit of the intensity out of that sun-dried tomato flavor or possibly even juiced the tomatoes up a bit more. I’m not sure, I’ve never worked with the dried variety, but the sauce wound up giving me a little trouble.

Since I didn’t chop the tomatoes up before hand, I decided to throw the whole pan into our smaller food processor. That helped a bit, but I also threw in a little bit more chicken broth, olive oil and some tomato paste I had sitting in the fridge. I’m not sure how much all that helped, but it took some of the edge off.

The rest of the process went along well. I cooked the salted and peppered chicken in the oil like the recipe says and it turned out fantastically. After making more pasta than I should have when I cooked Broccoli Pesto, I figured I’d follow the recipe this time and only use half a box of fettuccine. I could have made more, but I wound up using the leftover pasta to whip up a quick lunch on Saturday, so it worked out well.

Aside from the chicken, I didn’t love this recipe, but I also skipped a step or two, so I would definitely give it another shot or possibly even use the sun-dried tomatoes that come in oil even though the recipe says to use the dried kind. If and when I do give it another shot, I’ll let you guys know how it goes.



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