Fathers & Sons Rocking Out

Last Thursday my dad and I went down to the city to see Van Halen play Madison Square Garden. We have a long history of seeing concerts together (Kiss, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, The Who and more) and it was a lot of fun continuing that. We had a great time riding the train down, grabbing some dinner at a place called The Stage Coach right across the street from MSG and the concert was amazing. But, there were a lot of dad-related things going on in my head in addition to enjoying the music.By the way, he took all these photos. First off, this was the first time I ever left Lucy with someone during the day to go do something fun. My mom watched her while we went to the show. My wife and I have left her with both sets of grandparents before, but this was the first time I went on my own. It was pretty hard. I obviously trust my mom as much as you can trust another human being, heck, she raised me, so I know she knows what she’s doing. It’s just that feeling of leaving that’s difficult when you’re so used to being around the kid all day, every day. Of course, she was fine and had a great time with Grandma, so that was all good. It’s one of those things where every time you do it, it gets a little easier.

While my mom took care of my daughter, I got to hang out with my dad one on one for a longer time than we’ve spent together just the two of us in a while now. It was a lot of fun. We had a great time riding down on the train talking about everything from football to marriage. Plus, I just can’t say how much I appreciated him and my mom setting this whole thing up to continue a longstanding concert-going tradition. My dad introduced me to Van Halen, so watching these guys rock out together standing next to him felt right. I think it’s important to keep those kinds of things going. Lastly, I thought it was super cool that Eddie Van Halen plays in a huge band like this with his son Wolfgang (that’s him on the left) as well as his brother Alex (drummer). I know it sounds crazy, but it’s almost like Wolfie was bred to take Michael Anthony’s place in the band. But more than that, how cool would it be to not only share a passion like playing music with your kid or parent and then take that a million steps further and actually perform with them? My dad and I have that passion for music and I think Lucy has it in her too. It’s cool how those kinds of things get passed on.

So, yeah, the concert was awesome and inspirational for reasons I’ll get to over on UnitedMonkee and maybe Monkey Diaries, but it was also an all around and multifaceted parent/child experience. Such a great time.

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