Bonus Birthday Food Pics: Fish & Meat!

My actual birthday was back on February 6th, but things have been bonkers busy lately, so I’m only getting around to posting these pics now. I had some excellent food between a visit from my parents the weekend before my birthday and then an outing my wife, daughter and I went on on the actual day. My parents took us out to a place we’d never been to in Cornwall called The Trestle (2 Idlewild Avenue, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY 12520). The place had a great vibe and some interesting specials. I’m actually having trouble remembering exactly what kind of fish I had, but it was covered in sesame seeds and this excellent sauce. It was sandwiched between some tasty spinach on top and fingerling potatoes underneath. The pic kind of yellowed out the whole thing, but it was a tasty fish. I don’t think I’ve ever had sesame crusted fish, but I liked how it tasted all together.  On my actual birthday, the wife, kid and I headed to the wonderful Billy Joe’s Ribworks in Newburgh. I got the ribs and meat combo with macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes. The ribs were St. Louis variety I believe and the meat was pulled pork. The great thing about Billy Joe’s–and barbecue in general–is that it’s not only great food but also fun to eat!

I should also mention that my wife and mom both made some excellent desserts, though I don’t think I snapped a picture of them. My wife made Smitten Kitchen’s Monkey Bread recipe which I’ve had before while Mom made carrot cake bars that I liked when I was a kid. I’m not much of a dessert guy, but these are two that I really dig. Thanks to Mom and Em both for that!



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