Words For My Future Self: Let The Kid Sleep In

I love sleep. Given my druthers, I like to stay up late and sleep in til whenever I wake up. That’s how it used to be before the baby was born and I’m (mostly) okay with the change that’s come since then. The other day I was thinking about how parents of teenagers tend to get upset when their kids sleep in through half the day. I guess I don’t get it. Isn’t that the perfect time to get some extra sleep yourself? You know, make up for some of those early sleepless nights and midnight screaming sessions? It’s kind of like the kid is unknowingly paying you back for days and nights they can’t even remember.

Maybe I’m still too close to my teen years or maybe my uncommon profession lends itself more to the world of teenagers than adults (I can really make my own schedule, being a freelancer, given no other commitments), but that’s the way I see it. So, assuming Lucy is otherwise responsible, doing well in school and (eventually) working some kind of part time job, she has my permission to sleep in when she wants. Assuming the internet still exists in 12 years and I haven’t sneakily come back and deleted this post, I hope this doesn’t really bite me in the butt.


One thought on “Words For My Future Self: Let The Kid Sleep In


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