Apparently Babies Read Lips

So, it looks like I’ve been doing something right when it comes to our daughter’s vocal development. According to a recent story that I first heard about through my wife and then read about on The Huffington Post, babies between 6 and 12 months old watch a speaker’s mouth when they’re talking instead of the eyes. The researchers postulate that they do this in order to understand how we make the sounds we make when we talk.

This is what I was going for when I started doing alphabet sounds with Lucy. I was focusing on sounds instead of letters because she needs to be able to talk because she can read or write, but I also made sure that my face was very close to hers so she could see what I was doing with my mouth. Well, the study shows that that is exactly where babies are looking when it comes to language acquisition. It’s pretty cool stuff when you think about it and makes me wish I had my linguistics notebook from college here to see if there are any other things I can be doing to help out.



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