Pizza Party: Domino’s

When it comes to pizza, we live in a pretty fantastic area. I’ve had the best pizza of my life out here in New York, no doubt about it and that’s just in counties like Orange and Rockland, I’ve never even really jumped into the whole NYC pizza scene. But, sometimes you just want something familiar. That was the case a week or two back when the wife and I both had a taste of a very simple pizza. That’s how it started at least. I suggested getting a pie or two from Domino’s since we both had the taste for pepperoni because there’s one nearby.

With that, I hopped on the Domino’s website on my phone and I’ll tell you what, they make it really fun to order a pizza. You not only order by size and toppings, but you can chose which half of the pie you want particular toppings on. Since I was jonesing for pineapple and my wife wanted pepperoni, but we both wanted bacon, this worked out perfectly. We both got a kick out of the whole left/right decision, but it made sense. After ordering online, you can keep track of exactly where the pizza is at in the process from “firing up” to “ready.”

So, how’d it taste? Pretty good. The reason you go to big chains like Domino’s is because it’s familiar (or because it’s cheap). I’ll tell you what, it tasted just like the pizza I used to get back home which was always a chain of some sort (Dominio’s, Pizza Hut, the slightly more local Little Caesar’s). Plus, pineapple isn’t a very popular topping round these parts, so I’ll take it where I can get it.

At the end of the day, I love how many options we have when it comes to pizza. We know where to go for slices, for pies, for a nicer dinner. The possibilities are endless and that’s the best as far as I’m concerned.



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