Bonus Food Pic: Cowboy Cakes

Can’t believe I didn’t post this one sooner. Two or three weekends back, the wife, kid and I went to what I would call our favorite joint around, Fiddlestix in Cornwall, NY. As always, they had a whole board filled with excellent sounding specials for both breakfast and lunch, but I was drawn to something called Cowboy Cakes. I don’t remember the exact description, but they are basically pancakes with meat cooked into them (can’t remember if it was bacon or sausage). The cakes are then covered in cheese and a pair of sunny side up eggs. Do you ever have a meal that changes how you think about food? This was one of those for me because I had never even thought about making pancakes more savory. It’s a great idea and one I hope to experiment with in my own cooking.

By the way, I didn’t snap a picture of it because I was famished, but we went to Fiddlestix again just yesterday and I ordered another specialty item, this time a sandwich called The Super Sub that boasted steak and portabella mushrooms. I love, love, love portabellas, so I was all over this. It was even better than I imagined it would be because it was covered in this awesome, salty mushroom gravy. I probably shouldn’t have eaten it with my hands because the bread was pretty soggy, but it was worth needing to wash my hands like crazy afterwards. So good. Honestly, if you live within any reasonable distance, do yourself a favor and get some food at Fiddlestix. Leave yourself some time, though because there’s often a wait.

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