Cooking A Sausage Omelet

One evening last week I remembered that I had a pair of sausage links in the freezer. I think I used them for a meatball or meatloaf recipe, can’t remember. Anyway, having eaten that night’s dinner, I realized I’d need something to eat for lunch the next day and started thawing them out. My plan was to combine what I had around the house which included three eggs, a little milk, a garlic glove, half of a very small onion and some cheddar cheese. Sounds like perfect omelet fixins to me!

My first step when making an omelet involves sauteing some chopped onion and garlic in olive oil until brown. While that cooks, I crack and beat a trio of eggs in a bowl. I use a fork instead of a whisk because that’s how we used to beat eggs back when I was making egg sandwiches at the bagel place. I then pour a little milk in–about a tablespoon–and mix it all together. The milk adds some fluffiness to the proceedings (another trick learned at the bagel place, we would add a little creamer cup to our break food to make them better than the ones we served to customers).

Once you’ve got the onions and garlic where you want them–I like a little browness, but not too too much–I pour the egg and milk mix all over the veggies. As the eggs cooked, I cut the casing off of one of the sausages and distributed that around the omelet. You can see the other sausage cooking in a pan, which was a big mistake and wound up getting tossed out after burning. Anyway, the eggs cooked the distributed sausage pretty well and I shredded some cheese over the cooking omelet, but wasn’t so sure about the done-ness of that meat, so I wound up breaking the omelet apart with my spatula, making it more of a scramble I guess.

Once it looked pretty done, I transferred the pan’s contents onto a plate, shredded a little more cheese and had myself a pretty good lunch. Well, I would have. The baby wound up waking up right as I finished, so I had to scarf it down while feeding her, but still, it wound up being a pretty good way to use up some spare food lying around the house.



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