Pop Poppa Toy Review: The Skwish

Babies and toys seem to go hand in hand. When the very much appreciated baby gifts start rolling in, you’ll notice a good deal of little toys, from squeaky things like Sophie to stuffed animals. Surrounded by these things, you get the idea that your kid is going to pop out and want to be entertained by something other than you. As it turned out, Lucy had no interest in toys for a few months. I think it’s because everything in the world is new to a baby and they’re just taking everything in. Who needs toys when your hands and feet are constantly blowing your mind?

In the past month or so, our daughter Lucy started showing an interest in toys, so we started bringing them out. Some she likes more than others, but she really digs the Skwish. This wasn’t a gift, but something we found a few weeks ago at a nearby closing Borders. My wife found it while I was looking for a new copy of Crime And Punishment (they were out, can you believe it?) and it turned out to be a pretty big hit.

Created by Manhattan Toy, the Skwish might just be the ultimate baby toy. There’s all kinds of different things for the kids to grab onto, from the balls on the end to the sticks to the black bands holding everything together. Lucy loves holding the thing and flailing around with it, even sticking it in her mouth. It also makes noise as the balls on the sticks move back and forth, which she seems to like. Plus, when she gets a little bigger and maybe understands her hands a little better, she’ll be able to actually squish the thing.

It’s a really simple toy, but really well put together and highly recommended.


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