The Big Sleep Question

If all goes as planned, this will be posted around the time Lucy wakes up. No, I haven’t mastered time travel, but I have mastered the scheduling function on WordPress. Doc Brown would be jealous. Anyway, the one question every single fellow parent asks us–whether we know them or they’re strangers at the deli striking up a conversation–is how well we’re sleeping. They ask it with this knowing and supportive tone of voice and look, like we’re all members of the same fraternity and had to go through the same hazing rituals.

The truth of the matter is that Lucy sleeps like a champion and pretty much has from the beginning. After the nighttime ritual that my wife and daughter go through, the kid winds up sleeping through a good deal of the night. In fact, sometimes my wife has to wake Lucy up when she gets up in the morning before work to feed her. I’m personally very glad she does this because I can only guess how early Lucy would wake up on her own.

As it is, she usually wakes up around 8:30AM. It’s not so bad. If I’m being honest, I wouldn’t mind a little more time. I’m a complete night owl and before she was born–and even up to just before my wife went back to work–I got pretty used to waking up at 10. I don’t expect sympathy from anyone, but it’s a change for me to get used to.

Anyway, she usually starts squealing–not really crying, just making noises–around 8:30. I get up, pour milk from the breast pump into a bottle, fill my big red cup up with water, sometimes get the French press going and then go grab her. Every time you let her out of the swaddle, her arms shoot up into the air as if she just won the gold medal, it’s hilarious. I take her into her room, change her soaked diaper and then we move into the living room where she gets a bottle. Eventually I get my coffee and get to work and we have a generally pretty good day. That’s about it.


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