Mail Bonding

I’ve been a fan of the mail for a long time. When I was a kid, my mom and dad got me one of those books that listed several different things you could send away and get either for free or for a couple bucks. I would generally stick to the free things because I’ve been cheap–let’s say frugal–since way back. Getting birthday or holiday cards or gifts from friends and family was also a high point. Later on I even got a pen pal or two, but I can’t remember anything about him or her.

Even now, I get jazzed about getting the mail, which lives in a big metal box along with everyone else’s mail in our condo complex until we free it. Part of the reason I like online shopping so much as well as trading comics via a website called Sequential Swap is because I still get really excited about getting the good mail. Sure there’s a lot of bills and junk, but the days I get something fun–or better yet one of my freelance checks!–is a good day.

Even with being super busy with work lately and only leaving the house for meals or doctor’s appointments, I still enjoy running out to the mailbox. With Lucy around now, I take that time to get both of us out of the house for a brief time, get a little sun and maybe even instill the same love of mail that I have in Lucy. If nothing else, it gives us a good airing out.



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