A Few Social Media Doohickeys

My internet geek-fu is not as strong as it might seem. Sure, I’ve got a few blogs under my belt and write for a slew of websites, but the whole social media thing has never really been my bag. I have no problem with things like Facebook or Twitter, but didn’t really find myself interesting enough to keep the world posted on my comings and goings. Until now I guess. I always said I’d get more into it when I had something to promote and I think Pop Poppa’s worth talking about. So, with that in mind, I’ve set up a Twitter account called Poppa Dietsch (or, I guess @PoppaDietsch, right?) and a Facebook fan page. If you’re so inclined feel free to follow and like those things respectively. I’m still getting used to all this so take it easy on me. I believe I linked this blog to both of those accounts, so those are pretty good ways to keep up on Pop Poppa, of course you can also sign up for email updates (there’s a link up there to the right) or the RSS feed (higher up on the right), which is my preferred way of keeping up with the internets.


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