Tummy Time Trials

I get the point of tummy time, even though it’s a phrase that involuntarily makes my eyes roll every time I say or hear it. You’re supposed to put your baby on his or her stomach and they’re supposed to roll themselves over onto their backs. It has something to do with muscle control and coordination because they need to use both their arms and legs to succeed and eventually crawl. Great. Here’s the problem though, babies don’t understand any of that. If they like being on their stomachs, they’re just hanging out, if they don’t, they’re freaking out. I guess that freaking out might fuel their desire to roll over, but once again, they’re babies and have no idea what you want of them. There’s no real way to convey what you’re trying to get them to do aside from doing it yourself and I’ve tried that. The result? Blank stares from a 10 week old.

My wife has been doing the tummy time thing mostly with our daughter, but with her going back to work, it’s up to me. I gave it a shot our first day alone and the stupidity of the whole thing landed on me when I realized that Lucy–who is actually quite strong and can pull herself forward with her arms if you hold your hands out in front of her–just doesn’t get it. Or, if she does get it, she doesn’t know how to tell her hands and legs what to do. Coordination isn’t her thing just yet.

There’s a disconnect in the process that makes me think there’s got to be a better way to do this, right? I have faith in Lucy that she will figure out how to roll over without being left on the floor to do so. However, since I told the missus that I’ll keep it up, I guess I will.


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