My Four Month Old & I Discuss Grant Morrison Comics

So, technically, this video was taken when Lucy was three months old–exactly one month ago, actually–but it’s just way too funny not to share with you guys. If you’re not a comic fan, Grant Morrison is a comic book writer. Many of his comics have been linked by story and thematic elements. None of that’s really important, but it should make the comic fans chuckle a little more than you regular folks. Enjoy!

Lucy’s Biggest Fan

The title of this post is a bit misleading as I clearly am Lucy’s biggest fan. However it’s a fun play on words I just couldn’t resist. My wife and I have been joking for a while now that Lucy thinks the ceiling fan and the bookshelf are her real parents. She spends a lot of time staring at them and making faces. We noticed while visiting my inlaws this weekend that her love of ceiling fans isn’t specific to ours, but apparently all of them. My wife told me that, in the middle of the night, Lucy started making eyes, cooing and laughing at the fan in the room we were staying in to the point where she wasn’t eating or sleeping. Apparently this is a thing with babies as you can even buy onesies espousing their virtues. Any other fan fans out there?