Pregnant Pauses: Wedding Drink Trickery

As I mentioned in my last Pregnant Pauses post (that’s fun to say out loud), my wife and I found out she was pregnant the weekend we went to New England for her cousin’s wedding. Not wanting to tell too many people right away, we kept the news a secret from everyone but parents. I think we wound up waiting until the two month mark to actually let the rest of our family and friends know.

Anyway, I know it was hard for the inlaws to not say anything at the wedding, but we all kept our lips zipped and no one caught on. “How?” You ask especially considering the most obvious indicator that a woman is pregnant at a wedding or party is the lack of an alcoholic drink, right? (Assuming she drinks, of course). It’s like holding up a big sign that only other women can read that flashes “KNOCKED UP” in foot-tall glowing neon red letters. Before the wedding my wife and I confabbed. She told me that she would ask for a Cosmo when I went to the bar, but that meant she really just wanted cranberry juice. When I went to the bar, I made sure that none of the immediate family members were around, I’d order my drink and then a cranberry juice and the casually stroll back with the cocktails (or one cocktail and a mocktail). I felt like James Bond! And the best part? It worked! My wife’s not a big drinker anyway, so no one figured it out.

So, that’s one way to keep your pregnancy on the down low at a wedding if that’s what you’re looking to do. With a few tweaks, you could use this trick at parties too, just make sure you’re pouring your own drinks and people probably won’t notice. If they do, throw your drink in their face and run away.