Pop Poppa Recommended Watching: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

When it comes to cartoons aimed at babies/infants/children, some can be absolutely dreadful. However, I’ve found a few good ones while channel surfing with Lu. One of the better examples happens to be Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse which follows the usual gang of Disney characters as they come together to solve problems. Lu’s a big fan of the series too, which is fun because I loved the Disney Channel as a kid (back when it was a pay channel!) and my wife and dad are both big Disney fans overall, so she comes by it honestly.

And, for the most part, Clubhouse is actually pretty entertaining. I used to watch all the old shorts and whatnot on Disney Channel — some of which are still shown between modern shows, which is pretty cool — so it’s fun to hear the voices and see the characters done up in CGI. The episodes revolve around the gang solving a problem in or around Mickey’s awesome clubhouse with the help of the audience (not really) and Toodles, a floating Mickey-shaped device from the future that teleports one of four per-designated items (three shown and one a mystery) to help in the exploits.

My one problem with the show is that, I wonder if it might actually decrease a child’s resourcefulness. When they get to a particular sticking point, Mickey’s like, “Toodles, what tools can we use to do this job?” and he presents the options. Once one is used, it can’t be used again, but that’s not usually a problem because they’re very specific anyway. As it is, the show presents something of a logic matching game puzzle, this thing solves that problem, basically. But, there’s lots of different ways to solve problems and we don’t have floating teleporters in our lives (yet).

But that’s probably just me overthinking things. I can always be like, “Hey Lu, what OTHER ways can you think of to get an elephant out of a tree?” and we can make a game out of it, help her spread those critical thinking wings as early as possible. Now I just need to remember to do that…



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